Sunday, October 03, 2004

Experiments in Web Technology

I'm screwing around with "Hello" from picasa tonight. The reason I'm screwing around with a half-assed picture manager is that I'm avoiding writing the second half of a 4 pager in Medieval Lit. It's not due until Tuesday, and technically I'm caught up on my homework, so what the hell.

Unless, of course, any of the Dearest Readership knows about the "ubi sunt" passage in The Wanderer (the Old English poem, not the song), in which case you should email me with everything you know.

Thanks in advance.

"And the award for Best Ass on a Volunteer Improvement Crew goes" Although the woman in the hat was awfully attractive, too. Married. Of course. Posted by Hello

That's a .45 Mac-10. They hand them out at the border when you enter Kentucky. Posted by Hello

Sadie, one of the best dogs ever. Seriously. Ev-ver. Her daddy is pretty cool, too. Posted by Hello

My going away party in Edwardsville. This was taken immediately after someone forced me to do a shot. Or maybe they didn't force me. My memory is a little fuzzy from that night. Posted by Hello

Janet Jackson's breast. Posted by Hello

Doing some flatwater kayaking in Kentucky, fall 2002.  Posted by Hello


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