Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Exaltation, Disaster, Exaltation, Disaster

Took my Scottish Lit oral midterm yesterday morning. I was the first in the class to go; the professor said that more than likely I got an A, depending on how the other folks in the class performed.

Took my Medieval Lit midterm this morning and got my ass handed to me. There was a section of translation from Chaucer which went okay, and then 18 terms like "ubi sunt" and "patristic allegory" which we had to relate to a text and define which went very, very poorly. I'll be happy with a C on that fucker.

Turned in the exam, and picked up my Medieval Lit paper. A. The professor asked for a clean copy so she could use it as an example for future classes.

Finished shooting digital footage for my Human/Lifespan Development midterm project this afternoon. I finally got a good idea of how the narrative would work, and was really doing some great editing stuff on my old desktop computer, when the program crashed. Now, it was working fine the past few days. Then, today, with the end in sight, it decided to implode. I have no idea why, and I'm really not interested in fixing it at this point; it's failed me for the last time and it's going to meet a violent end somewhere outside of town. So my project is utterly fucked, the program won't even let me start over, it's too late to start another project (we had a few choices of approaches), it's due tomorrow, and I have another midterm in Intro to Lit that I need to study for. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I fired off an email to my instructor about the project but don't plan on hearing back until tomorrow morning. At this point I'm willing to take an F on the project (and in all likelihood a C in the class) because honestly, I'm sick of being angry about the bullshit that goes on in this class. If the rest of my education classes are this dumb, I'm in trouble.


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