Sunday, September 26, 2004

Wyoming Won. Holy Shit. Wyoming Won.

The Wyoming Cowboys, in accordance with Lee Corso's upset special prediction, beat the Mississippi Rebels yesterday in Laramie. This Cowboy team, while certainly not the best team in the Mountain West Conference, will hopefully bring some glory back to Wyoming football. Time was, we were respected and feared.

I went to the game with some other RA's. We've established a spot a few rows behind the band, so that now that's where we meet if we split up before the game. Other than having tubas blocking the view occasionally, it's a great spot. Further, I submit that Wyoming's student section is rowdier and meaner than perhaps any in college football.

Exhibit A: When an Ole Miss player was knocked unconscious, a few people started chanting "He's down, he's hurt, he's all fucked up!"

Exhibit B: When an Ole Miss player got flagged for a hit out of bounds, the entire student body chanted "38's a bitch! 38's a bitch!" In unison. Loud. For a long time.

Exhibit C: When the Ole Miss crowd - a good sized section of the stands - cheered for some random success on the field, the Wyoming student body chanted "Fuck you, Rebels, fuck you!"

Exhibit D: The cops kicked a few students out for being drunk. Everyone else just knew how to hold their liquor.

Now, I'm usually not quite as bloodthirsty as the behavior I witnessed and participated in. Coming from Illinois, I'm used to guarding my language and upholding the tenets of good sportsmanship. Illinois may not be a great football team, but by God, at least our fans have some class.

There's something really fun about the Wyoming crowd, though. I think it stems directly from the cowboy ethos of just not giving a shit about what others think, as well as the cowboy ethos of getting liquored up for social activities. And apparently the behavior gets progressively worse as the weather turns. Yesterday was 75 degrees and sunny; when it starts snowing people get really drunk and throw snowballs at the refs. Stay tuned.


Blogger Anna said...

Wow. The things I missed, attending a women's college. The rowdiest we ever got was the "primal scream," performed during exam time.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

Go Pokes! I agree Paul. That was a fun game to be at. I have to admit, though, that I miss sitting in the student section. It was plenty crazy on the other side of the stands, but there's nothing like the student section. My favorite classic chant, "Fuck you BYU". Simple, yet gets the point across to our most hated rivals.

3:16 PM  

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