Sunday, September 05, 2004

"Um, someone puked in the elevator."

Fall arrived in Wyoming on Friday afternoon: it got windy, and the clouds draping the Snowy Mountains looked like something straight out of an old western. By Friday night the weather worsened and the mood in the dorms was tense: after the first week of school, what dorm rats really want to do is party. That, and not get caught partying.

I have a desk shift in the lobby from 8-10pm every Friday night. It gets a little hectic, but nothing I can't handle: off-campus visitors griping about not being able to simply go visit their friends (residents have to come down and escort them up); groups using the lobby as a staging area; conversations coming to an abrupt end when they realize the serious-looking guy behind the desk is trying to overhear their plans in order to rat them out to the RA's on call.

Around 9:00 a young woman stepped off one of the two elevators making a bad-smell face. Two guys waiting for the elevator walked toward the open doors and then stopped. They made an about-face and chuckled. The young woman, meanwhile, approached the lobby desk.

"Um, someone puked in the elevator," she said.

"Was it you?" I asked, because I'm a very funny guy.

"Ewww! No!" And with that she left, coatlessly facing the chilly night.

And it really was cold: in the 40's with the windchill. Although Autumn may be approaching, creeping, or just now sending out RSVP's everywhere else, it's nowhere to be seen in Wyoming. "Autumn" has connotations of gentle color changes and that weird fading sunshine. What happens in Wyoming in September is not gentle.

As the desk attendant I wasn't allowed to so much as hop the counter and go investigate. Instead I called one of the RA's on call, who after a quick glance made a professional evaluation (he's Pre-Med): "Yep, someone puked." He grabbed some absorbent stuff made for precisely this kind of situation from behind the counter.

Later that night, right before I was off, someone else stepped off the elevator and said, "That elevator smells like the stuff they put on puke back in gradeschool."

"Really?" I said. "I'll be damned."


Saturday was our first football game; we hosted 1-AA athletic and academic powerhouse Appalachian Sate. It dawned gray and drizzling and the tailgate party hosted by the cafeteria was moved into Washakie Center - which is where we normally eat.

The sun did break through by kickoff, and the game itself was a pretty good time for the first 10 minutes. Then it started raining, and blowing, and after a half-hour lightning postponement, it stayed wet and windy. We were up big at halftime and all the 3rd down stops, interceptions, and points in the world couldn't have kept us there. Most of the group I went with headed back to the dorms as the band took the field.

Speaking of football, my beloved Fighting Illini gave the what-for to some backwater Florida school. We really need to win some Big Ten games this year, or I am personally going to clean out Ron Turner's desk for him.


Blogger Shannon said...

I stumbled upon your blog in sheer boredom, and I must confess I feel a bit guilty reading your words. Personally, my blog is a place for me to hide and complain about all that is Laramie, Wyoming. If someone on campus read it (it doesn't matter who) I would be mortified. Though, after reading a few of your posts, I doubt you would be as concerned as I about pleasing others.

I could not stop laughing at your most current post. Last year I used to be one of those freshmen who would sneak past the RA at the desk, trying not to be caught partying. In fact, I may have been one of the vommiting culprits from time to time. ;) Freshman year was definitely a year of excess. Anyways, it's intersting (and amusing) to see the other side of the coin. I expect I'll return often to read your stories (so make sure to update as often as possible!), I just felt too guilty to read without introducing myself.

5:33 PM  

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