Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Laramie is waking up this morning to snowflakes, the size of which is usually reserved for kids' dreams (or my dreams, for that matter). This is the kind of snow that makes "splat" sounds on the window. Grass, cars, and trees are covered in white. It's not sticking to the pavement, though, so I'm guessing the hellish forecast of 60 degree weather by Thursday will come true. But today I got to walk to breakfast in bonafide Rocky Mountain snow.

Snow is the whole reason I moved here. Well, not the whole reason, but it certainly played a part in my decision to come back to Wyoming. Snow adds adventure to what is otherwise a normal walk. Snow is the great equalizer on the roads. Snow tests your mettle.

Did I mention I want cross country skis for Christmas?


P.S. I currently don't possess the technological capability - aka, "digital camera" - to send or post pictures. Sorry.


Blogger Shannon said...

I was so surprised by the snow this morning! I didn't realize it was snowing until I went out on my deck to see if I should wear a tank top or a long sleeve shirt. I guess it's sweater weather now! It's good to see someone so happy with the weather, though. Growing up in Cheyenne, the snow has become something I dread.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Chad said...

I'm right there with ya man! I always look forward to the first snow (even though it usually occurs when we are working out in it). I'm already planning my winter activities!

2:31 PM  

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