Thursday, September 23, 2004

Special Thanks to Mary.

Mary Ann has done me a few favors lately, and I'm compelled to point them out:

1. Writing a funny step by step approach to giving her cat medicine. That post inspired "Making an Alcohol Bust in 5 Easy Steps."

2. Sending me written instructions on how to add stuff to my sidebar. Sure, it's roughly as long as Three Mile Island's operations manual, but I'll decipher it at some point and make my blog prettier. Probably.

3. For that matter, reminding me to link my posts to our portal.

4. Pointing out several potential problems with posting my email like I had in the previous post's comments section. I've since deleted it.

5. So, to repeat what was in that comment: Why don't I respond to my comments? Good question! Mostly I have been, if I know someone's email (a good percentage of the posters are family or friends). Or, if their name links to their blog, I keep track of 'em that way. So usually I wind up discussing my posts via email with whoever commented on it... with the exception of Leta, whose crack about Flashdance being the worst movie ever prompted - nay, deserved! - an entire post to itself. But hey! I'm always open to email and even MS Messenger if you have that; my username is wykykr. Or you can just email me.


Blogger mary ann said...

You're welcome.

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