Monday, September 13, 2004

An Important Milestone in Any Relationship

Hey, I forgot to write about this one.

A while back, during the Republican National Convention, I was having a rough week. I sat there at my desk with like 40 pages of obscure Anglo-Saxon poetry to read, I had programming to think about for the floor, there was a band playing on frat mall loud enough to vibrate my window, and to top it off, my fellow RA was blasting the RNC in his room. RA rooms are connected by a bathroom, but our desk walls face each other (in fact, you can see right through to the other guy's room in places).

So essentially I was listening to a soundtrack of self-righteous cheapshots set to shitty reggae.

Clearly, Beowulf would have to wait. I turned on the RNC if nothing else to drown out the reggae. I even watched the Fox News Channel (which usually makes me want to barf) just to coordinate with C, my other RA whose TV was turned up really, really loud. Joy! Cheney in stereo!

It ended, finally. Our lobby was about to be used for a floor program so C and I went out there to help set it up. Someone asked me what I thought of the RNC.

"It made me want to barf," I said.

"You're actually voting for Kerry?" C asked. He pronounced "Kerry" like the word itself was a communicable disease.

"Better than the alternative," I said.

This quickly escalated into a rather heated debate about taxes, the deficit, and Iraq. The highlight, I think, came when I said we shouldn't use our military unless it was in defense of the Constitution, and Iraq was turning out to be anything but a threat to our national security.

"But as Cheney just said, Saddam's out," C said.

"So we should go into countries when we don't like their leader," I said.

"Yeah, we should."

"So that means we have to go into Africa, we have to go into North Korea, and to top it off, we have to go into China."

By this point a small crowd was already gathered in the lobby.

"Yeah," C said, "I'd be willing to do that myself." C is a farmboy from Nebraska and a really sharp guy. I have no doubt that he meant it.

"I think we're going to have to just disagree on this," I said.

"Yeah, this is the last time we can talk politics," he said. So far, it has been.

I headed for the elevator. One of the guys from my floor who looks perpetually stoned was there, along with his girlfriend.

"Right on, man," he said.

"Yeah, that was awesome," his girlfriend chimed in. "Make love, not war," she added.

Jesus, I thought. Tell that to the religious extremists who want to kill you for showing too much forearm in public.


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