Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hablo espanol avec un French accent.

We took our last chapter exam in Spanish yesterday; I did very, very poorly: 78. The good news is that if attendance is perfect, our professor drops the lowest test score... so my test average is actually a respectable 94. This afternoon we're watching a film; tomorrow morning we review in preparation for the final; tomorrow afternoon is free; and Friday morning we take the final. If I've calculated it correctly, I have to score a 60% or better to get an A in the class. No sweat.

My professor says I speak Spanish with a French accent; it's especially noticeable with my "e" pronunciations. I guess those 4 years of high school French weren't a complete waste after all. I can't remember verb endings for the life of me, but seemingly random French nouns or verbs will burst into my head during Spanish class. It's almost like there's a grungy little Frenchman with Tourrette's Syndrome roaming around my subconcious.

"Travailler!" the frog yells, when my Spanish professor asks "Que haras este tarde?"

"Je ne parle pas le espaniol!" the frog yells, when my Spanish professor asks "Comprendes?"

"Tres bien, merci!" the frog yells, when my Spanish professor asks "Como estas?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,
Good luck on your test! As clever as you are, I'm sure you will do splendidly!
christen egan

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonne chance avec ton examen, mais peut être un peu d'assistance avec ta parlance de français est necessaire. Español est la idioma del diablo. Dieu aime les Français.

1:58 PM  

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