Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Taming of the Room

As a 32 year old living in a dorm room, I've been assuming that the vague feelings of regression I've experienced thus far all summer were due solely to living in a 6 by 8 cinderblock. I've been leading the ultimate undergrad life, replete with a corkboard with what appear to be bullet holes and crosses carved into it, a tile floor, and venetian blinds from the Eisenhower administration.

What was needed here was some civility.

A quick road trip to Albertson's, and that situation was fixed like a mean spaniel at a drunk vet's office. Tonight I'm eating a decent gouda on pepper crackers and sipping a mid-range California merlot.

Oh yeah. I also ordered a laptop... my desktop recently went from making weird noises to making very bad noises. I'm keeping it around to see if anyone on my floor will be able to fix it.


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