Sunday, July 18, 2004

Bored at work

Part of my job requires sitting behind desks at the University of Wyoming. Today I'm sitting behind a desk in the basement of the cafeteria; tomorrow I'll be sitting behind a desk in the lobby of my dormitory.
We have an outpost here, in the basement, because Washakie Center is essentially the Grand Central Station of UW. There are many offices here in the basement, and a large common area with sofas and a big-screen TV. Additionally, tunnels lead to each dorm (with the exception of those too old or too far to be connected to Washakie). In theory, Washakie basement is a high-traffic area, and, being new to the university, I'd imagine it is... during the school year. During the summer, it's almost completely deserted.
My shift today lasts 6 hours.
True, a few people pass by the information desk. One person even sought my help two hours ago. I brought homework, and even started reading a novel from my Scottish Literature class that starts in August.
I surf the web: CNN, REI, Boatertalk, Google, Yahoo games, Hotmail, etc. I read. I stare into space. I look over my Wyoming Atlas & Gazetteer to facilitate dreams of hiking, camping, and cross-country skiing. I check out websites from towns in Wyoming in which I think I'd like to teach. I dream of being the prototypical small-town teacher who seemingly doesn't belong in a small town; the type that inspires students to such heights that they make a movie about him.
I check out websites of car companies, doing research on my new car (or perhaps truck?) two years in advance of actually buying a car (or perhaps truck?).
I check out satellite maps of Wyoming. I go to Ebay looking for camping stuff I don't need.
Mostly, though, I dream about getting back to my room, where I'll still be bored.


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